Decentralized Dance Party for World Peace

Do you like to Party? Do you want world peace? What if the two could go hand in hand.

Tom And Gary who are also from the future have been working on a project to unify the whole world in an uninhibited party madness. I don’t know why I didnt see their latest update when it came out in November but considering I didnt I feel that it’s reasonable you didnt either.

Here’s an inspiring video from the DDP that shows how you can help and learn how to throw your own DDP, I think we oughta throw some soon.

Here’s the link to donate, which it looks like no one’s done which I find terribly surprising. But I guess maybe we’re all too old to understand bitcoins. Donate if you can.

Call The Cops – Music with a Message

Only a couple of posts in and I think it’s time that I tell you, as a music and Culture blog we will not shy away from controversial or political art and music.

This is not local but I believe it’s everyone’s problem and I hope to see a day where law enforcement is about education and rehabilitation instead of whatever it is now in America.

Please, if you think something is unacceptable, confront it, discuss it, inform others about it and help find alternatives. Write songs. Just because it’s not in your news feed doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

You can support Rob Hustle, the talent behind this video and like his facebook page here

JPOD & DASH – Fractal Forest 2014 | D A N I O M A N A G E M E N T

A great late Christmas Present from JPOD the Beat Chef and Dash from the Root Sellers!

As if JPOD’s music wasn’t enough to move every bit of your body and mind they’ve cranked it up several more levels with Dash’s relentless flow.

Gosh I wish I had PK sound in my living room.

JPOD & DASH – Fractal Forest 2014 | D A N I O M A N A G E M E N T.

via JPOD & DASH – Fractal Forest 2014 | D A N I O M A N A G E M E N T.

What is a home without G-House

Wap Wap - Bob Smokem

Bob Smoke  released his debut EP Wap Wap through Bass Bong Records and it is fat

As someone who is vegitari-ish I would be excited to hear Kale and Kamboucha as a follow up to the second track.

I shook my ass and I had fun, do I really need to say more! I’ve never really felt like a gangster until hearing Bob Smoke but now I feel like an outlaw in a world where booty shaking is a crime. With punchy kicks and words that flow with the force and flow of a gangster river Bob Smoke has brought together two powerful forces in dance music in a new and ground shaking way.

to buy and/or listen to Wap Wap click here or on the Album art

You can watch and listen to him live in Arcade’s livestreams  through the video below

Welcome to Subcurrent


To put it simply this may be a music and culture blog.

But it’s also an art medium.

and an experiment.

A platform for sharing local talent and inspiring ideas.

A place to celebrate subversion, sub bass and subculture.


I have way too many talented friends who are not recognized by conventional media and I would like to support them.


There will be interviews,  there will be photos, there will be posters.


This post is a seed planted in celebration of transformation, community, creativity and space. What the blog will look like is yet to be determined but you can bet that you’ll find good music and information about local artists and events.


The Culture and Creations of Cascadian Communities


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